Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Update: 1/12/16

Coming up into my second season with this system.  It has been amazing how well it has done so far.  I wish I had a greenhouse but here in Phoenix I managed to get through most of the grueling summer and only had to cover my system a few days this past winter.

While replanting at the end of summer I noticed that the Coco Coir does break down some.  I added about a 5 gallon buckets worth of Perlite back into the grow barrels.  And in the last new grow barrel, now up to number four, I didn't use any Coco Coir in it at all.  In stead I used a mix of Large Perlite and Clay balls.

Here are some pictures from this morning.  This should be coming out of our colder winter days and getting into our real growing season.  A few of the plants are looking a bit stressed but over all I think I have a good head start.  :-)

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